HACKED BY Tunisian Fallaga Team - HACKED BY AlIrHaBi & Capoo Lionel & PeaCeMakeR.XTN & Bl4ck Ghost-H


Hacked By Tunisian Fallaga Team

just Message From Tunisian Fallega Team To Russia , Peopel And Government :
You Have To Stop Supporting The Criminel "bashar" and Stop Killing Innocent Childrens, Womens That Killed In ...
The Force's Attacks... Russian Forces Destroyed Syrian's Families , Homes ,schools, hospitals,mosks ...

Terrorism Against Muslims In Burma by buthist in Palestine by Zionist, India , Kachmir by Indian
Freedom For Bassem Basha
Governemnt Chechenya by Russian government in Syria by Bashar army in Iran by iranian "Shiaa", in Afghanistan , Iraq by american forces , in Libanon by "naser allah"
and his "shiaa forces", in Mali by frensh forces , Yemen , China , Philipine , Indonisia , Guntanamo ( Cuba )
Abu Gharib ,Center Africa , Negiria ,Niger , Somali And Other Country ....
Muslims Killed Every Day By Zionist , bouthist Christians And Chiaa ..

Tunisian Fallaga Team

..::HACKED BY AlIrHaBi & Capoo Lionel & PeaCeMakeR.XTN & Bl4ck Ghost-H ::..

☀Tunisian Fallaga Team ☀